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Industrial Surveying and Laser Tracking Services

A specialized service that we offer to our industrial clients is that of Optical Tooling and Laser Tracking measurement capabilities. Our crews have decades of experience in the Industrial Surveying field at facilities ranging from steel mills, steel mini mills, steel processing facilities, tool and die/fabrication shops to power plants. We have performed thousands of high tolerance, in-plant alignment surveys on a multitude of equipment types. Clients have relied on our firm to provide twenty four hour on-call service for critical process equipment for the past thirty years. This is in addition to the general layout of new plant and equipment during the construction phase of multimillion dollar processing lines. If requested our crew can provide AutoCAD files of the measurements taken before leaving the site. The equipment employed includes Leica LTD800 series Laser Trackers and a complete line of Brunson and K & E precision optical Jig Transits, machinist's levels, and conventional total stations and levels.

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